Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sometimes Getting a “C” is better than Getting an “A” - Understanding Misdemeanors

It's never fun to go through an arrest. If you've had a recent brush with the law, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Not only is the arrest itself bad, but then there are the impending legal happenings that must be dealt with. Whether you're dealing with a felony charge or facing charges for Class C Misdemeanors, you need the help of a McKinney Criminal Lawyer to make your case turn out for the best.

Lowering Charges

Sometimes, even with the best lawyer, there's no getting around being found guilty. And while the professional lawyers at Peveto Law are experts at getting non-guilty verdicts and charges dropped for their clients, sometimes these outcomes don't happen. But in these types of cases, it's still possible for you to come through your arrest unscathed.

Many times, a McKinney criminal lawyer, from Peveto Law, will be able to get your charges significantly reduced. That means if you were looking at a Class A charge, with a long jail sentence and possibly huge fine, you would end up with charges being lowered to Class C misdemeanors that end up with you paying a very small fee and not having to worry about jail time.

When you think about charges getting reduced like that, you can see why a “C” would be much better than an “A.” There are times when you want the bare minimum. And by hiring an attorney from Peveto Law, you'll stand a much better chance of getting the minimum possible charges filed against you when your day in court arrives. Like they say “Sometimes less is more.” that's certainly true when it comes to jail time and fines, so make sure you have an experienced, proven lawyer on your side during your court proceedings.
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