Monday, May 30, 2011

An ALR Hearing

After you have been arrested for a DWI, you have only fifteen days to have an ALR hearing.  Now, this means that you need to have an attorney put in this request for you.  If you put your trust into the wrong hands, you may not be able to get your hearing in time to avoid losing your license.  If you put your trust into a Plano Defense Lawyer, you will find that not only will you get the hearing the same day that you requested it, but you will also not lose your license because of their ability to argue against the DPS taking it from you.

A Plano DWI Lawyer should be able to argue for the sake of their client that their client does not deserve a terrible punishment.  Now, while if you received a DWI, it is because you were drinking and driving, which is wrong.  But, just because you have made this mistake does not mean that you are a terrible person.  People make mistakes all of the time and people make bad choices all of the time. It is a part of life, a difficult yet necessary part of life.  If we did not make bad choices every here and there, we would not be human.  So trust in a good Plano Defense Lawyer or a PlanoDWI Lawyer to be able to help you over this minor bump in your life.  Hopefully, with the required classes and education after getting a DWI, you will be able to make better choices and be more responsible with alcohol in the future.
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Types of Lawyers

If you are considering a hiring a lawyer, you may be asking yourself many questions. What does a lawyer do, how do they charge clients, among other things.  So what does lawyer do? Lawyers work in a variety of legal fields.  There are two basic types though, defense lawyer, and prosecution lawyers.  Within these two fields there are many variations and specialties. For example, a Dallas defense lawyer is much different than one in New York.  As far as specialties go, the list goes on forever. There are DUI lawyers, civil litigators, corporate lawyers, divorce lawyers, and so many more.  These specialties are usually localized as well, so a Dallas DWI lawyer is quite different than a New York DWI lawyer.

Another common question is, how do lawyers bill their clients? There are generally three different types of billing, set fee, hourly rate, or a contingency fee.  A set fee is used for simpler legal cases where the amount of work is mostly known in advance, such as a will or loan.  The majority of legal services are billed using an hourly rate, which is exactly how it sounds. A contingency fee, while less common, is arguably the best method of payment.  It is used only when filing a lawsuit, and the lawyer is only paid if they win their case.  This method is convenient because it means certain profit for the client.  Hopefully you are now able to hire a lawyer with a bit more confidence.  Whether it is a Dallas defense lawyer, or New York defense lawyer, or a Dallas DWI lawyer or New York DUI lawyer, knowing the basic of how a lawyer-client relationship works is essential.
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Monday, May 23, 2011

In a Bind?

While everyone gets themselves into awkward or unpleasant situations at least a few times, sometimes these incidents aren’t so easy to get out of.  Sometimes it is easier to get a little help from somebody who cares.  One of these not so fun incidents is the chance of getting a Texas DUI.  Driving under the influence is absolutely no joke, so law enforcement generally punishes quite strictly under these circumstances. 
Now, getting yourself out of a sticky situation such as this can be a little bit tricky. Your best chance for recovering from a Texas DUI is to look into a McKinney DUI Attorney.  A McKinny DUI Attorney will help clean up your record and keep you from losing any constitutional rights.  Don’t wait until the last minute to try to figure out how to save yourself and make a comeback from this downturn.  Find yourself a McKinney Criminal Attorney as soon as possible to make sure that you can get the best outcome out of this bad situation.

Nobody sets out to get a DUI, but sometimes it happens to the most normal of people.  In fact, many times you can be falsely accused or improperly investigated.  This can be great grounds for a McKinney Criminal Attorney to get your charges dropped for you.  You don’t have to be under so much pressure when you are in the hands of an attorney that you can trust.  They can find all of those little details that are normally forgotten that can save you from a hefty ticket and or jail.  Get out of that bind with a dui attorney!List of state highways in TexasImage via Wikipedia
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Friday, May 20, 2011

A Stressful Experience

Being convicted of a Texas DUI can be a stressful experience, and is not one you want to face alone.  Time is of the essence in the case of a DUI, and hiring your Frisco criminal attorney as soon as possible is key to having your charges dropped, or your sentence reduced.  A DUI is defined as operating a motor vehicle when one’s blood alcohol levels exceed the legal limit, which in Frisco is 0.08%. 

When you are hiring your Frisco DUI attorney, there several things that you want to investigate, to make sure that you are receiving the most protection from the law.  First, you want to find out how long the lawyer as worked in the area, you want Frisco criminal attorney  that has worked the majority of their career in the area, so they are familiar with the laws in the area.   You also want to ask where they attended law school, and then investigate the school, to ensure that your Frisco DUI attorney has the background that you are looking for.  Also, research the lawyer himself.  A quick Google search may reveal a personal website, or a page providing insight into the lawyer’s career.  Any information on the lawyers past can be useful in determining which lawyer would be best for you.

Once you have found some lawyers that meet your requirements, you want to call their law offices to schedule a meeting, and to introduce your case about your Texas DUI to them.  It is important not to let a lawyer pressure you into hiring them after the meeting.  It is important to meet with multiple lawyers and find the one you believe will do the best job of defending you.
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Consequences of a DUI

Getting a DUI conviction in Dallas, Texas is a very serious matter.  The penalties, even for a first time offender, are quite severe; Fines up to $2,000, automatic jail time that can be up to 6 months of jail time, and probation.  In addition to these consequences, the state retains the power to set exceedingly difficult conditions to retain your license. An annual special fee totally thousands of dollars, required donation to charities, or alcohol abuse courses are all possibilities, and this is just for a first time offender, repeat offenders face exponentially more serious consequences, including a minimum of three months of incarceration.  In addition to the charges from the state, your insurance provider will almost certainly drop you, or at least more than double your premium. 

If you are faced with a DUI charge, time is of the essence, the longer you wait to hire a Dallas criminal lawyer, the more severe penalties you are likely to face.  It is important to note, however, that you want a Dallas DUI lawyer.  Each county handles DUI’s differently, and it is important your legal defense is experienced with cases in your area.  One of the most useful resources for finding a lawyer in your area is  Using p1lawyer, you cans search for a Dallas criminal lawyer in your area that is both affordable and effective. Remember,  a DUI charge is extremely serious  matter, and it essential that you begin your defense as quickly as possible if you hope to avoid conviction or suffering the consequences  that come along with a conviction.  Find a Dallas DUI lawyer as soon as possible, and begin your defense.Seal of the City of DallasImage via Wikipedia
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Friday, May 13, 2011

DUI Charges Means Texas Misdemeanor Charges

Your first DUI offense is considered a class B Texas Misdemeanor charge and your second offense is considered a class A misdemeanor. Both are considered a criminal offense. If you were charged for the first time with a DUI in Texas, there is a minimal Jail sentence of 72 hours or 6 days if there was an open container of alcohol in the vehicle when arrested. Your second offense is minimum of 72 hours to a year.

DUI charges in Texas come at a large cost. You will be fined up to $2,000. You may be responsible for evaluation and other administrative fees that were incurred. The state also charges DUI offenders a surcharge of $1,000 for three years for first time offenders. However it can be $2,000 per year if your blood alcohol level was equal to or greater than double the state’s legal limit. Second offense DUI charges cost more. The fine is up to $4,000 and the surcharge is $1,500 per year, with the same blood alcohol level stipulation staying at $2,000.

You also face the loss of your license for one year. However this damage can be minimal if you seek the assistance of an experienced DUI attorney to help you fight to keep your driving privileges. The court may order a year of DWI Education program and allow you to maintain your driving rights. Second time offenders lose their driver’s license for 18 months to two years and are required to complete 12 hours of a DWI Education Program. If your license is revoked, you can apply for an occupational license to drive to drive for essential needs, like to and from work.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Costs and Consequences of a DUI Charge

Texas is a state that takes DUI charges very seriously. If you are arrested for driving under the influence anywhere in Collin County, then hiring a McKinney DUI attorney should be the first move you make. The only way you'll stand a chance against a DUI charge is with an professional legal team by your side.

Without an attorney, a McKinny court will convict you of DUI regardless of the evidence against you. Questions that an experienced attorney will ask are whether or not the police followed the correct procedure in stopping your vehicle? Did they have probable cause? Was the law followed when the police asked you to submit to a DUI breathalyzer or blood test? All of these questions can have a bearing on the outcome of your case, but they are questions that should be handled by an attorney.

The consequences of having a DUI in Texas can be the suspension of your driver’s license, a hefty fine, ignition interlocking, mandatory enrollment a substance abuse program, or even a prison sentence. You do not want to be standing alone in this situation without the benefit of a legal expert behind you. Just because you have been charged with a DUI does not mean that you will be convicted of the criminal charge. But without an experienced McKinney DUI attorney to help minimize the damage to your record, your chance of avoiding conviction is low.

Most DUI charges are prosecuted as misdemeanor charges, but even a misdemeanor criminal charge can cost you your driver’s license in Texas. Having a criminal record could cost you a job later in life. It will certainly affect your record for many years. You need to be sure that you are getting help from an attorney who knows the law, the local prosecutors, and judges so that you have total control of your situation.
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Monday, May 9, 2011

Texas Marijuana Charges Are Serious

If you have been faced with Texas Marijuana charges then you know that you get arrested automatically under the Texas marijuana laws. If you have charges pending for marijuana possession, use, growing, sales or distribution, then it is imperative you understand the severity of drug charges. It is possible to avoid jail time and fines, under some circumstances and with the right legal advice. If you face drug charges in Texas, you need to seek immediate legal counsel to protect your rights.

There are numerous different types of marijuana charges. Each different charge varies to some degree based on numerous factors. Regardless of your charge or your circumstance based from your arrest all drug charges are serious. Texas reputation for penalties on drug use, saleCannabis MantisImage by Federacion de asociaciones cannabicas via Flickr and possession is common knowledge. Possession of just a small amount of marijuana can cost you jail time, if you don’t have the right defense. If convicted, depending on the charge, there are numerous penalties that you can face including:

•Serving jail time
•Paying large fines
•Serving time on probation
•Court ordered drug treatment programs
•Loss of driving privileges

The location of Texas means the state acts as the gateway for those coming from Mexico smuggling marijuana into the U.S. In 2009 over 7% of the arrests in the state of Texas are related to marijuana. Those statics coupled with the controversy of legalizing medical marijuana use has led to many attorneys gaining valuable experience in representing clients with marijuana issues in Texas. If you have pending Texas marijuana charges, find one of the expert marijuana attorneys to protect your legal rights.
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Misdemeanor Charges Need to Be Handled By A Professional

Plano is one of the largest suburbs of the greater Dallas metro area, and having its own courthouse and government offices means that if you are charged with crime in the area, it is best to get a local attorney to handle your case. While a Plano misdemeanor defense is usually without complications and can be handled quickly, it is always wise to use an attorney for any sort of criminal charge against you. The consequences of a criminal record are far reaching and can affect your future.

A misdemeanor charge can even be resolved before you get to trail, if you have the right lawyer to handle your case. Plano, due to its location and business reputation has had a number of fraud cases over the past few years. Despite being an affluent area of Dallas, the increase in misdemeanor fraud has meant that all criminal charges are taken seriously by the courts. A Plano misdemeanor defense is best handled by an experienced local attorney, no matter what the charges are.

The first step in handling a misdemeanor charge is to give your attorney all of the details. Leave nothing out and be completely honest. Guilt or innocence are only determined in a court; not by the police or by your attorney. An assertive attorney can have charges dismissed, reduced and settled by the time you get to court, which will mean that your life is not disrupted any more than it has to be.

While a misdemeanor offense is considerably less serious than a felony charge you still face stiff penalties if convicted of a crime. If you take action and hire a Plano Defense attorney though, you may be able to avoid a harsh sentence, a fine and even prison time.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Different Types Of Texas Felony Arrests

There are different types of Texas felony arrests, depending on the level of crime and the crime itself. Any felony arrest is a serious and not be taken lightly. If you face a felony charges you need to seek the legal expertise of an experienced Texas defense attorney to help you fight to maintain your freedom.

Texas law defines felony criminal acts into three categories: first, second, and third degrees. A first degree felony is the most severe of the three. Examples of a first degree felony are:
• Aggravated kidnapping
• Aggravated robbery
• Aggravated sexual assault
• Murder
These types of crimes can be punishable by either a life sentence in prison, 5-99 years in prison with the possibility of parole.

Examples of second degree felony charges include:
• Manslaughter
• Intoxication manslaughter
• Aggravated assault
• Robbery
These types of crimes can be punishable by 2-20 years in prison with the possibility of parole.

Examples of third degree felony charges include:
• Intoxication assault
• DWI, third offenseLOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 09:  Actress Lindsa...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
• Violation of a protective order, third offense
• Retaliation
These types of crimes can be punishable by 2-10 years in prison with the possibility of parole.

There is also a capital felony charge, which is only used to charge those who commit premeditated murder. This is the most serious felony in Texas and is punishable by execution. The least serious felony charge is a state jail felony. Examples of state jail felony include:
• Criminally negligent homicide
• DWI with a child passenger
• False report
• Forgery of a check
• Unauthorized use of a vehicle
These types of crimes can be punishable by 180 days to two years in state jail, with the possibility of parole.

Regardless of the crime Texas felony arrests require more work to defend than a public defender will put in for you. Find a local experienced criminal defense attorney who will be on your side and put in the time fighting for your freedom.Link
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