Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Costs and Consequences of a DUI Charge

Texas is a state that takes DUI charges very seriously. If you are arrested for driving under the influence anywhere in Collin County, then hiring a McKinney DUI attorney should be the first move you make. The only way you'll stand a chance against a DUI charge is with an professional legal team by your side.

Without an attorney, a McKinny court will convict you of DUI regardless of the evidence against you. Questions that an experienced attorney will ask are whether or not the police followed the correct procedure in stopping your vehicle? Did they have probable cause? Was the law followed when the police asked you to submit to a DUI breathalyzer or blood test? All of these questions can have a bearing on the outcome of your case, but they are questions that should be handled by an attorney.

The consequences of having a DUI in Texas can be the suspension of your driver’s license, a hefty fine, ignition interlocking, mandatory enrollment a substance abuse program, or even a prison sentence. You do not want to be standing alone in this situation without the benefit of a legal expert behind you. Just because you have been charged with a DUI does not mean that you will be convicted of the criminal charge. But without an experienced McKinney DUI attorney to help minimize the damage to your record, your chance of avoiding conviction is low.

Most DUI charges are prosecuted as misdemeanor charges, but even a misdemeanor criminal charge can cost you your driver’s license in Texas. Having a criminal record could cost you a job later in life. It will certainly affect your record for many years. You need to be sure that you are getting help from an attorney who knows the law, the local prosecutors, and judges so that you have total control of your situation.
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