Monday, May 30, 2011

An ALR Hearing

After you have been arrested for a DWI, you have only fifteen days to have an ALR hearing.  Now, this means that you need to have an attorney put in this request for you.  If you put your trust into the wrong hands, you may not be able to get your hearing in time to avoid losing your license.  If you put your trust into a Plano Defense Lawyer, you will find that not only will you get the hearing the same day that you requested it, but you will also not lose your license because of their ability to argue against the DPS taking it from you.

A Plano DWI Lawyer should be able to argue for the sake of their client that their client does not deserve a terrible punishment.  Now, while if you received a DWI, it is because you were drinking and driving, which is wrong.  But, just because you have made this mistake does not mean that you are a terrible person.  People make mistakes all of the time and people make bad choices all of the time. It is a part of life, a difficult yet necessary part of life.  If we did not make bad choices every here and there, we would not be human.  So trust in a good Plano Defense Lawyer or a PlanoDWI Lawyer to be able to help you over this minor bump in your life.  Hopefully, with the required classes and education after getting a DWI, you will be able to make better choices and be more responsible with alcohol in the future.
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