Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hiring for a Criminal Defense in Frisco

Before hiring a Frisco defense attorney, any person who has been accused of a crime should carefully consider some of the best qualities to look for in the attorney who will be aptly suited to handle his or her case. It is essential to seek legal counseling from an experienced individual who knows how to quickly glean the relevant facts of a case. The right attorney will know how to proceed aggressively and expediently toward protecting his or her client. The superior attorney is someone who can communicate clearly about the steps involved in the judicial process, and who will keep the defendant apprised of what is going on at all times.

When considering an attorney for hire, that attorney’s specific area of expertise is something important to think about. If someone in Frisco is charged with a DUI, for example, it makes sense to hire a Frisco DUI attorney who has a lot of experience in this particular area of the law rather than someone whose specialty is family law, maritime law or some other area of the law. The defendant’s best bet is to go with an attorney who is current on the latest legal defense strategies in a particular area, and who shows confidence about how to proceed with a case.

One need not necessarily hire a Frisco felony defense attorney when a misdemeanor defense specialist, would be the better match. That is, unless that particular legal counselor happened to have experience in both felony and misdemeanor cases. “Experience,” after all, is the key term. An inexperienced Frisco defense attorney is not the person to hire for an accused person’s Frisco misdemeanor defense, nor for any other kind of legal defense. The experienced Frisco DUI attorney should be hired specifically for a DUI case and so forth. Attorneys can only evaluate their defendants’ cases properly if they have the experience necessary to give
their clients the facts.

Additionally, the defendant should exercise caution when hiring an attorney from a law firm that boasts of taking every case to trial. At times, going to trial is certainly the best option. However, there are times when it is not appropriate, so when hiring a Frisco misdemeanor defense attorney or a Frisco felony defense attorney, it is wise to keep this in mind.
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Monday, March 28, 2011

What Your Facing Under Texas Marijuana Laws

If you are charged with possession under the Texas Marijuana Laws and are a first time offender, depending on the amount of marijuana and other circumstances surrounding your arrest, you may be charged with a misdemeanor and get probation. Texas marijuana charges vary, depending on how much you are caught with, and each charge carries different sentences.

Again, this depends on different factors in your case. It is best to educate yourself on the different charges and sentences that you may face, after you have been arrested.

Keep in mind there are significant differences, when you are charged with any Texas controlled substances charges, depending on the controlled substance you are caught with. This is specifically talking about Texas marijuana charges.

Under Texas Controlled Substance Laws this is a list of marijuana possession charges and amounts:

• Under 2 ounces is a Class B misdemeanor
• 2-4 ounces is a Class A misdemeanor
• 4 ounces to 5 pounds is a State jail felony
• 5-50 pounds is a 3rd degree felony
• 50-2,000 pounds is a 2nd degree felony
• Over 2.000 pounds gets you Texas Department of Criminal Justice Institution for life or 5-99 years and $50,000 fine

Here are the charges for the sale or intent to sell marijuana:

• Under a quarter ounce can be a Class B or A misdemeanor
• Quarter ounce to five pounds is a state jail felony
• 5-50 pounds is a 2nd degree felony
• 50-2,000 pounds is a first degree felony
• Over 2,000 pounds gets Texas Department of Criminal Justice institution for life or 10-99 years and/or $100,000 fine

For those of you who have not become familiar with Texas marijuana laws, with the sale of marijuana under the current laws, if you sell more than a quarter ounce to someone 17 years or under, or, a person enrolled in school, there is an additional 2nd degree felony charge. Also if you are caught selling marijuana in a drug free zone all penalties are doubled.
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Experienced McKinney Defense Attorney

Those who are involved in a felony or misdemeanor charge usually need to rely on a McKinney defense attorney who is experienced with their type of charges. It is never easy to go to court because of the consequences that you might be facing, the cost, and the fact that it is time consuming. You will find that you will be better treated with a good defense attorney. The McKinney defense attorney knows how their clients feel and they are there for you.

It is not easy when you are facing DUI charges because you could lose your freedom; a lot of money and of course your prestige in the community. In some cases people even lose their jobs. That is why you should use the services of a McKinney DUI attorney to help you with your defense. You will find that this will help you tremendously in your efforts to get the charges dropped or at least be charged with a lesser offense. When you are facing a Class A misdemeanor charge because of your second offense in DUI it is imperative that you use the services of a good lawyer.

The McKinney DUI attorney will work for you whenever you are faced with a DUI charge. In situations where you could be taken to jail, you want to make sure that you get in contact with your McKinney DUI lawyer immediately in order to get bail set until your court case is scheduled. It is never easy to face others when you are charged with these offenses and your lawyer will help you to keep things as discreet as possible so that everyone need not know what happened.

Often a person is usually charged with a misdemeanor when they are facing a DUI. There are other things that are misdemeanors such as an assault, Possession of a Dangerous Drug, etc. When you are facing one of these misdemeanor charges it is always best to use the services of a McKinney defense attorney who will represent you in court and/or negotiate for you with the prosecuting attorney to lower your charges. It is possible to get that charged dropped, made into a lesser charge, or at least have no jail time involved. McKinney misdemeanor defense lawyers work very hard for their clients to assure them of the best possible results.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Texas Misdemeanor Charges: Find the Right Representation

If you have been arrested and face Texas Misdemeanor charges, you probably have many questions. What penalties do I face? How will this affect my future? It is important to get these answerers and find out what options you have available. You need to be proactive and get yourself legal representation. Obtaining an attorney to handle your case is your best chance to attempt to get the charges reduced, appealed, or dropped. Being charged with a Texas Class A misdemeanor or a Texas class B misdemeanor disguises the difference in the severity of the charge and also defines possible penalties for the charge.

Texas Class A misdemeanor convictions are punishable by fines of up to $4,000 and up to a one year sentence in county jail. Some examples of charges are:

DWI, second offense
• Stalking, initial offense
• Assault, by causing bodily injury
• Burglary of a vehicle
• Criminal mischief/theft with value of $500 or less

Texas Class B Misdemeanor convictions are punishable by fines of up to $2,000 and up to a 180 day sentence in county jail. Some examples of charges are:

• Harassment
Criminal trespass, not in a habitat
• Criminal mischief/theft of $50 or more
• DWI, first offense
Disorderly conduct
• Terroristic threat

Seeking legal advice will give you the leverage you need to fight the Texas misdemeanor charges on a level platform. The courts will provide you an attorney, if you can’t afford one, but public defenders have thousands of cases and you will not get the representation you need. Obtaining the services of a private attorney, who will work for you, is the most successful way to fight the misdemeanor charges you face.
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dallas Defense Attorney

When you are facing serious legal problems, it is always best to consult with a Dallas defense attorney who will represent you in the proper way according to the crime that you are accused of committing. Crimes are usually categorized in the legal field as misdemeanors or felonies but this does not matter when you are using a Dallas defense lawyer for your representation.

In Texas you need to be made aware of the fact that a felony conviction will usually cost you all your rights and will become very expensive if you are not properly represented. It is not easy to get a felony charge taken care of as it takes time and usually many court appearances. In some felony cases you may have a trial while in others your case might be resolved with negotiations between the attorneys. No matter what your situation is, you always need the services of a good attorney who will represent you.

When you are faced with charges such as DUI then you will need a Dallas DUI attorney who can best help you with these charges. In Dallas, Texas when an officer pulls you over, everything that you say is being recorded. It is best not to admit to anything. You are not just complying with the officer’s requests but you are also making a statement that can be used against you in court. In order to get help and make sure that your court case runs smoothly it is always wise to use the services of a Dallas DUI lawyer. In Dallas, DUI for the second time is often classified as a Class A misdemeanor charge.

Seal of the City of DallasImage via WikipediaWhen you are in Texas and charged with a Misdemeanor you could be facing a fine and time in jail. This is the reason that you need to make sure that you secure the services of a good Dallas misdemeanor defense lawyer to represent you. With a good Misdemeanor Defense, you may get the charges dropped or reduced to a Class C Misdemeanor giving you a small fine and no jail time. It will of course depend on what you are being charged with before your Dallas defense attorney can determine if the Misdemeanor charge can be lowered to a lesser offense.
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Hire a Plano DUI Lawyer to Prevent Fines and Fees

Are you aware of the many penalties that come with conviction of a Texas DUI charge? First, your license will be suspended if you register above .08 on the breath test, refuse to take the test, or are convicted of DWI. An administrative license revocation will begin 40 days after you receive notice of the charges, it and lasts at least 90 days if you have not had a Texas DUI in the past ten years. These suspensions are automatic upon refusal of a blood test unless you request a special hearing.

Once you receive notice of a pending administrative suspension, you have 15 days to request a hearing to prevent it. The hearing will be conducted in the county where you were arrested. You should already have hired a Plano Defense attorney that knows the ins and outs of this process.

The administrative hearing judge will determine whether the officer had cause to arrest you, and whether your blood-alcohol was above the legal limit. If the judge decides in your favor, your license will simply be returned. If not, the suspension goes through. If you wish to appeal the decision, you can discuss your options with your Plano DUI lawyer.

A driver’s license suspension upon conviction is automatic, takes effect by order of the judge within 30 days of conviction and can range from 90 days to one year for a first timer. You will have to pay to get your license reinstated once the suspension ends. There are other charges you will be forced to pay. There is the DWI surcharge from the Texas Department of Transportation. The state Driver Responsibility Program assesses a fee of $1,000 each year for three years for anyone convicted of DWI first offense, as well as $2,000 on the first offense for a BAC of .16 or higher. With the assistance of a specialized Plano defense attorney, you may be able to reduce some of these costs.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Sentencing for a Texas DWI

If convicted of a Texas DWI, for your first offense you are going to do at least the mandatory three days in jail. This may be commuted if your Plano DWI lawyer helped you get granted probation. Fortunately, supervision is a common option in misdemeanor drunk driving cases.

Your Plano Criminal lawyer will help you understand the laws that apply to your specific situation. The judge has the choice of giving you community service as part of a plea deal, or the jury may sentence you to community service when the case goes to trial. The jury also has the option of not suspending your driver’s license.

But probation on DWI charges can come with additional stipulations, including these common three:

1. Rehab. You will be required to get an evaluation from a state-approved alcohol counselor to decide whether you have an addiction.

If they decide you do, you may then be required to go through rehab.

2. DWI education program – You will be required to attend an approved course on alcohol and drunk driving within 180 days of receiving probation. If you don’t take the course, your license will be revoked, and you won’t be able to get it back until you complete the program. Your Plano criminal lawyer will tell you that this is a great alternative to jail.

3. Ignition interlock device – If your blood-alcohol was .15 or more, you will be required to put a device on your vehicle that will test your breath each time you try to start the vehicle. It effectively prevents the car from starting if it detects alcohol.

When having to go through DWI cases, make sure you are using a Plano DWI lawyer that is experienced in similar cases, and who has worked with people like yourself.
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When to Hire a Plano Defense Lawyer

A DWI, which stands for “driving while intoxicated,” is a misdemeanor offense on the first charge in Texas. However, the potential consequences for Texas drunk driving are far more serious than most misdemeanors. A conviction could carry a jail term, fines, administrative fees, and, likely, a suspended license. A Plano Criminal Attorney will be necessary to make sure your proceedings are legal, and try to minimize the fines.

Under criminal law, a Texas drunk driving charge requires that police show you were operating a vehicle and, at the same time, your blood-alcohol measurement was at .08 or higher. Alternately, they can test you to see if you were otherwise physically and mentally impaired by illicit substances or alcohol. Officers first have to establish probable cause to stop you in traffic. They will then develop evidence that you were driving while intoxicated to make an arrest. They do that by watching your demeanor and putting you through various tests. During the legal process, your Plano Criminal attorney will make sure that these procedures were carried out

Photograph taken by myself near Yelta, Austral...Image via WikipediaFor example, if you were speeding through a 25 mph road at 55 mph, failing to stop at traffic signs, incoherently responded to the officer’s questions, and admitted to “having a few drinks,” then failed the field test, you will have established probable cause for a DWI arrest. You will be permitted to contact your Plano Defense lawyer if you are arrested.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Texas Controlled Substance Law

Possession of marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, and other drugs is a serious criminal charge in Texas, and fall under Texas controlled substance law. This is vague term --the specific charge could mean anything from a wide range of punishments from probation to lengthy prison sentences. It mostly depending on the amount of the drug in possession, intent to sell the drug, and the type of drug. If you are charged under the possession law, it means you will need a qualified McKinney defense lawyer to fully grasp the nature of the offence and the legal process.

The police can charge you with drug possession if they find drugs in your clothes or anywhere else on your body. Many people don’t realize that the police can also charge you under a claim of “constructive possession.” That means the drugs were in a place that you normally control or could easily reach. That could be your truck, your house, or the cushions of a chair where you were sitting when the police entered.

A conviction on drug possession charges could have profound implications for you because of the chance that you might have to go to jail and pay enormous fines reaching into the thousands of dollars. ,There is also the possibility the police may seize your car or other property. Finally, Texas controlled substance charges can also keep you from certain jobs and professional licenses. A good, experienced, and knowledgeable McKinney defense lawyer is your best chance at lowering or getting rid of these charges.
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Friday, March 4, 2011

Learn about Texas Marijuana Laws

Texas marijuana laws are strict. If you are charged with possession of marijuana or any other drugs, your first step must be to hire a competent McKinney Defense Attorney. Because of the wide range of severity for Texas marijuana penalties, it will be beneficial for the charged individual to speak with a McKinney criminal lawyer about the intricacies of Texas marijuana laws. Under the right circumstances, individuals guilty of marijuana possession and arrested can avoid incarceration and high fines.

Marijuana-related arrests in the state of Texas accounted for nearly 5% of all arrests within the state. Many people think they are exempt from the law as medical marijuana users. Texas does not consider marijuana as a medical drug. For this reason, marijuana users can only be recognized as illicit users. Any individual found in possession of marijuana will be charged as a criminal. A capable McKinney Defense attorney can help you understand the charges, and present the options available to you. Even possession of less than 2oz of marijuana is a misdemeanor, and you will have to face steep fines. The fines could be up to $2,000, and you could be incarcerated up to 180 days. With possession of more than 2oz, the fees and time incarcerated keep rising. The penalties are also very different if you are selling, rather than merely possessing marijuana.

Texas legislation on marijuana is an ever-evolving issue, so it is important to have an McKinney criminal lawyer to keep you informed of recent developments. If a person cannot afford an attorney, the court will appoint counsel to any defendant who needs one.
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Young Drivers and the Texas DUI

Texas leads the nation in many areas?unfortunately, Texas is a leader in the number of accidents and deaths related to driving while intoxicated. Each year, thousands are involved in Texas DUI cases. Around 2,000 Texans are killed because of drinking and driving each year.
The Texas limit for blood alcohol concentration when you're driving is 0.08%. Texas is also a zero-tolerance state for underage drinking; any amount of alcohol in drivers under 21 is a crime. You will have to contact a qualified McKinney DUI lawyer if you are charged with this crime.

Young drivers account for many alcohol-related traffic accidents, and the age group with the most violations and accidents are those between 21 and 34. It is necessary to find a McKinney Criminal Attorney that is experienced with this age group if you are a young person being charged. Remember, teens and young people are actually more prone to reaching higher alcohol concentrations more quickly than older drinkers. Size and body weight also play a role. Larger or older adults may be able to toss back those shots of vodka and maintain a safer BAC but younger, smaller people cannot. However, either age group will need an experienced McKinney DUI lawyer to get through their drinking and driving legal dilemmas.

While a DWI conviction requires a BAC of 0.08% or above, any driver can be cited for "driving while impaired" by drugs or lower concentrations of alcohol. Contact your McKinney Criminal Attorney for more information about local legislation. Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitati...Image via Wikipedia

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