Friday, March 4, 2011

Learn about Texas Marijuana Laws

Texas marijuana laws are strict. If you are charged with possession of marijuana or any other drugs, your first step must be to hire a competent McKinney Defense Attorney. Because of the wide range of severity for Texas marijuana penalties, it will be beneficial for the charged individual to speak with a McKinney criminal lawyer about the intricacies of Texas marijuana laws. Under the right circumstances, individuals guilty of marijuana possession and arrested can avoid incarceration and high fines.

Marijuana-related arrests in the state of Texas accounted for nearly 5% of all arrests within the state. Many people think they are exempt from the law as medical marijuana users. Texas does not consider marijuana as a medical drug. For this reason, marijuana users can only be recognized as illicit users. Any individual found in possession of marijuana will be charged as a criminal. A capable McKinney Defense attorney can help you understand the charges, and present the options available to you. Even possession of less than 2oz of marijuana is a misdemeanor, and you will have to face steep fines. The fines could be up to $2,000, and you could be incarcerated up to 180 days. With possession of more than 2oz, the fees and time incarcerated keep rising. The penalties are also very different if you are selling, rather than merely possessing marijuana.

Texas legislation on marijuana is an ever-evolving issue, so it is important to have an McKinney criminal lawyer to keep you informed of recent developments. If a person cannot afford an attorney, the court will appoint counsel to any defendant who needs one.
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