Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Young Drivers and the Texas DUI

Texas leads the nation in many areas?unfortunately, Texas is a leader in the number of accidents and deaths related to driving while intoxicated. Each year, thousands are involved in Texas DUI cases. Around 2,000 Texans are killed because of drinking and driving each year.
The Texas limit for blood alcohol concentration when you're driving is 0.08%. Texas is also a zero-tolerance state for underage drinking; any amount of alcohol in drivers under 21 is a crime. You will have to contact a qualified McKinney DUI lawyer if you are charged with this crime.

Young drivers account for many alcohol-related traffic accidents, and the age group with the most violations and accidents are those between 21 and 34. It is necessary to find a McKinney Criminal Attorney that is experienced with this age group if you are a young person being charged. Remember, teens and young people are actually more prone to reaching higher alcohol concentrations more quickly than older drinkers. Size and body weight also play a role. Larger or older adults may be able to toss back those shots of vodka and maintain a safer BAC but younger, smaller people cannot. However, either age group will need an experienced McKinney DUI lawyer to get through their drinking and driving legal dilemmas.

While a DWI conviction requires a BAC of 0.08% or above, any driver can be cited for "driving while impaired" by drugs or lower concentrations of alcohol. Contact your McKinney Criminal Attorney for more information about local legislation. Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitati...Image via Wikipedia

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