Sunday, August 15, 2010

Texas Drunk Driving

As in many states, in Texas drunk driving is not taken lightly. Texas police are always on the lookout. If you find yourself charged, what is the best course of action?

First, find an attorney specializing in your type of case. These attorneys are quite knowledgeable about the laws surrounding impaired driving and will make sure your arrest was handled properly. They will make sure officers have followed proper protocol during your arrest. They will make sure all equipment used during testing was functioning properly. They can even help get you provisional driving privileges if you are found guilty (which will allow you to drive to and from work during the period of your license suspension)!

Always contact an experienced, qualified DWI/DUI attorney if you find yourself accused. They are trained to evaluate and challenge your arrest in a multitude of ways, looking for a number of possible loopholes or mistakes by the arresting officer. In Texas drunk driving is considered a serious offense-make sure to protect your rights if you are charged.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Beat A DUI?

Looking to beat a DUI charge? If you’ve just been charged, now is the time to take immediate action to protect your freedom and driving privileges. Finding a good attorney is the crucial first step and can often save you damage to your reputation and loss of your driving privileges.

There is always an aggressive defense that will help produce the best outcome. Often many police officers do not follow proper procedures. Challenging probable cause and the way field tests are conducted is often a successful strategy. Sometimes equipment used for testing can be faulty. And even if you have failed a breath test, there are a variety of ways to have your test suppressed.

Be sure to contact an attorney who specializes in DUI to effectively represent you. Don’t risk large fines and the loss of your driver’s license, not to mention the mark on your driving record. There are a number of ways to beat a DUI charge.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Facing a Texas DWI?

Facing a Texas DWI? The penalties for DWI in Texas are severe. Like many misdemeanors, if you already have a prior conviction, then you will be facing a felony charge. If it is your first offense, you likely will not face jail time, but at the very least you will pay a number of fines and be required to take an alcohol education course, in addition to the possibility of having your license suspended.

Many people panic and confess their guilt. However, a good attorney will review every aspect of your case to see if the police have followed proper procedures. Sometimes there are loopholes which can lead to the entire case being thrown out!
Your chances of winning are zero if you walk in and give up. Getting good legal representation could be the difference between your case being dismissed and losing your license and possibly your freedom. In addition, if you do happen to be found guilty, a good attorney may be able to negotiate a provisional license allowing you to drive to and from work. Be sure to find a capable Texas DWI lawyer if you find yourself in the position of being charged with DWI.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dallas Criminal Attorney on Call

If you are in the situation of being charged with a crime, be it a misdemeanor or felony, you are probably at a point where seeking a reputable Dallas criminal attorney may be your next best move. A good lawyer can be the difference between winning and losing your case, so it is important to take all the steps necessary to find the best lawyer possible.

Make sure your research includes finding attorneys specializing in your type of case, as opposed to general practitioners. Make sure they speak to you about costs, potential penalties and their ability to help you. Also be sure to evaluate how much you can spend before contacting anyone, and have them explain their billing process to you-you may even be eligible for a payment plan.

Understand that getting a lawyer does not mean that you won’t pay fines or serve time in prison. A good Dallas criminal attorney will let you know what can and cannot be done for you.

Friday, August 6, 2010

In Need of a Plano Defense Attorney?

Need a Plano defense attorney? Have you been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony? Finding an intelligent, well-organized and trustworthy attorney is the best direction to move in. It is smart to create a list and narrow it down accordingly-it is probably best to seek out a specialist in your type of case.

Set up an initial meeting and ask pertinent questions. How many cases in front of a jury? Win/loss numbers? How much will your case cost? Do you feel comfortable in their office? Is the attorney honest with you? Having an attorney does not mean that you won’t have to pay fines or even spend time in prison.

Your first feeling is most often the best. A defense attorney can have your freedom in their hands-you can never ask too many questions, as it’s important that you understand as much as possible about the legal process. It is up to you to be your own advocate and find the best Plano defense attorney for you.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

About Texas Marijuana Laws

Texas marijuana laws are harsher than those in many other states. Being so close to the Mexican border, Texas has committed itself to helping the community stop the drug abuse that seems to be growing in the U.S. These laws are strictly enforced and it is important to be informed about them.

The most common marijuana charge in Collin County and Dallas is the class B misdemeanor, for possession of two ounces or less of marijuana. This comes with a fine of $2000 and up to 180 days in jail. However, if you are found to possess more than 4 ounces, you will be charged with a felony (and all penalties and jail time increase substantially). In addition, if you are found to be selling marijuana, the penalties are quite harsh as well. It is important to be aware of these laws, as they are quite strict and the penalties are very serious. Be sure to get expert legal advice in Texas marijuana laws if you are facing charges.