Thursday, August 12, 2010

Facing a Texas DWI?

Facing a Texas DWI? The penalties for DWI in Texas are severe. Like many misdemeanors, if you already have a prior conviction, then you will be facing a felony charge. If it is your first offense, you likely will not face jail time, but at the very least you will pay a number of fines and be required to take an alcohol education course, in addition to the possibility of having your license suspended.

Many people panic and confess their guilt. However, a good attorney will review every aspect of your case to see if the police have followed proper procedures. Sometimes there are loopholes which can lead to the entire case being thrown out!
Your chances of winning are zero if you walk in and give up. Getting good legal representation could be the difference between your case being dismissed and losing your license and possibly your freedom. In addition, if you do happen to be found guilty, a good attorney may be able to negotiate a provisional license allowing you to drive to and from work. Be sure to find a capable Texas DWI lawyer if you find yourself in the position of being charged with DWI.

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