Friday, October 29, 2010

Plano DUI attorney – Myths and Facts about DUI

There are so many myths about a DUI violation; if you have any questions about the legal ramification of a Texas DUI violation, it’s best to contact your Plano DUI attorney. If you get stopped while you are driving and an office stamps a DUI violation, you can be assured that it is serious. However, there are numerous misconceptions about what could or could not happen.

If you’re under the impression that it’s just another violation or a minor offense, you better think again because the legal penalties for DUI entail fines, jail terms, vehicle impounds, loss of license, and even career damage. There are some laughable myths about the difference between drunk driving, DUI and DWI. You’ll have to understand that all three violations are the same and point out to the fact that you have been driving around in an automobile after drinking.

People have been known to say that you can get a temporary driving license even if your license was canceled because of the violation, but it has to be clearly understood that no state in the US allows this, and once your license has been canceled for a specific term, you’re not allowed to drive. There is a common myth that plea bargains get a lesser charge and there are jury trials for this charge, but you’ll have to realize that even though lesser charge has been awarded for a few cases in different states, you can’t really count on it. As for jury trials for DUI charges, they don’t exist.

You can’t evade the law and escape the charges even if you’re from a different state because the state which has charged you hands you over to your home state and you’ll be facing charges there. However, it is possible to defend a DWI accusation with the help of a competent Plano DUI attorney.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

McKinney Defense Attorney – What can you get a MIP ticket for?

Irrespective of the situation for which you receive a minor in possession ticket for, it is best to hire the services of your McKinney defense attorney to deal with the charge. Due to intense peer pressure, teenagers sometimes find it impossible to avoid drinking or smoking in high school and college. If you’re in a party that requires you to drink and the police break up the show and ticket you, you’ll have to understand what you got this ticket for.

It is common knowledge that the US sets 21 as the legal drinking age and people who decide to break the law with the thought that they don’t need to wait that long, find themselves in trouble. If you have contact with any kind of alcoholic beverage, the police will ticket you. Texas has a no tolerance policy to minor in possession violation, and it’s important to abide by the rules. Even if you are found throwing a beer or wine glass into the trashcan, you can still get ticketed for it. Your presence in an alcoholic party could warrant a ticket too because the rules are stringent.
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If you’re sitting a table and there’s a bottle of alcohol on top of the table, you’re liable to get a ticket. You might not be drinking any of them but you’ll get a ticket anyway, just because you were present in the scene with unattended cups of alcohol around you. The ticket basically has a date of hearing within the next 30 days before which you’ll have to decide if you want to contest the MIP or not. If you do decide to contest, you’ll have to understand what the MIP entails – the fine is usually around $500, and your license will be suspended till you turn 21. Several hours of community service follows, and the number of hours will be based on your past record. A McKinney defense attorney may be able to help you in reduction of sentence.
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Frisco Criminal Lawyer – Authorized possession of controlled substances

A Frisco criminal lawyer would be able to tell you the difference between authorized possession of controlled substances and unauthorized possession of controlled substances. Texas Controlled Substance Act lays down a list of chemicals that are deemed as controlled substances because the renewed use of these substances could cause addiction and physical dependency.
It’s important to understand that there are five schedules of controlled substances; the use of three of those schedules is completely banned, while the remaining two are restricted because they are being used as anesthetics and pain killers in mainstream medicine.
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The ground lines for the authorized possession of controlled substances are these:

• Only people for whom the use of a controlled substance has been prescribed may possess it, and only in the container in which it was delivered. Unless he shows proof of being the owner, he’s committing a crime.
• No person is allowed to obtain a controlled substance by fraud, deceit, or subterfuge. Use of a false name and address entails punishment.
• The controlled substance can be used only for medical purposes and can be procured lawfully with the help of a prescription.
• A person who falsely poses as a manufacturer, distributor, practitioner, or any other person who can get access to a controlled substance is punishable by law.
• Anybody who forges a prescription or makes one of his own accord is punishable by law.
• The container in which the controlled substance is delivered has to carry the original labels. Under no circumstances can the container be falsely labeled or forged.

These basic rules are important and they should be kept in mind before you try to acquire a controlled substance container. If ever you are charged with unlawful possession of controlled substances, get in touch with your Frisco criminal lawyer.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Dallas Criminal Attorney – Drug possession

If you’re ever found with marijuana on your person in Texas, you’re advised to immediately contact a good Dallas criminal attorney. Statistics say that an average of 14000 people in the US die every year due to drug abuse. Texas marijuana laws are very strict about drug possession, and courts can leash out condign punishments if you’re caught with marijuana.

Texas marijuana laws are extreme, and the punishment leashed out to you will depend on the type of drug that you’re caught with and the amount of drugs. While some illegal drugs like cocaine, morphine, and methamphetamine lead to immediate imprisonment because of the extent of danger associated with their use, marijuana and medical morphine can be considered as misdemeanor.

The quantity of possession is also equally important; while there’s no threshold of the quantity above which you’ll be incarcerated, a small amount of marijuana can be considered as for personal use. This can also be pleaded by a good criminal attorney as to the significance of the drug; it might be possible for him to twist the facts and plead the case as use of medical marijuana. It’s an entirely different case if you’re caught with five pounds of cocaine in your possession. The case takes on a new dimension which deals with drug selling or distribution. Once you’re branded a drug peddler, it might even affect your employability.
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Much worse is the situation when you’re found with a good amount of drugs near a high school. This would not only entail drug peddling, but also introduce the case of selling of drugs to a minor. Sometimes, this would include the search of your premise for cultivation too. In that case, it’s best if you contact a Dallas criminal attorney for legal advice on how to proceed.
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Friday, October 8, 2010

Facing a McKinney Texas DWI Charge?

Are you facing a McKinney Texas DWI? If so, find yourself a McKinney DUI Lawyer. In Texas, a DWI is when a person does not have normal use of their faculties due to the presence of alcohol or controlled substances in their bodies (a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher). It is almost always classified as a class A misdemeanor. On the other hand, if one already has a conviction for a prior DWI, then the charge becomes a felony and prison time is more likely. In addition, another felony charge of child endangerment will be added if someone 15 years old or younger was in the car. However, if it is your first offense, you will most likely be charged with a class B misdemeanor, fined and required to take an alcohol education course. This is in addition to having your license suspended. Your McKinney DWI attorney can provide you with additional information as to how your individual circumstances may affect the charges.

List of state highways in TexasImage via WikipediaBecause the consequences can be so onerous, it is important to get an experienced McKinney DWI attorney to assist with your case. They can review every aspect of your arrest and make sure police have followed proper procedures. They can also work with public agencies involved so you can continue to drive to work while your Texas DWI is making its way through the system and even after you are found guilty (if this occurs). Hopefully the McKinney DUI Attorney you choose and hire can prevent this from happening.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

A Good Plano Defense Attorney Can Make a Huge Difference

In need of a Plano DWI attorney? Have you been charged with a felony or misdemeanor, Texas DUI? Finding an intelligent, organized and trustworthy Plano DUI lawyer in the Plano area is the first step you should take-it is best to look for a specialist in your type of case, particularly if your charges include driving while intoxicated.

First, make phone calls to set up meetings. When you meet with a Plano DUI attorney, ask a lot of questions. How much will it cost to litigate your case? If the cost is high, do they have a payment plan? How much experience does the attorney have with these types of cases? What is their record in these cases? Do they most often advise clients to take plea agreements? Most important, do you feel comfortable with them-do you trust them to be honest with you and give you the best advice?

As in many situations, it is usually best to go with your first feeling. Your Plano DWI lawyer cannot guarantee you won’t pay fines or spend time in jail, but they can make sure you are aware of all of your options as you proceed. Never be afraid to call them or ask any question, as it is crucial you understand your situation. Do plenty of research and find the best Plano defense attorney for your case.
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Friday, October 1, 2010

In Texas? In Dallas? Caught Drunk Driving?

As is the case in many cities and states nationwide, in Dallas, Texas drunk driving is taken very seriously. Texas police are always on the lookout for drunk drivers and will arrest anyone they believe to be doing so. If you find yourself charged due to a mistake in judgment, you need to take certain steps to ensure the best outcome.

First, contact a Dallas DWI attorney who specializes in this type of case (as soon as possible). A true Dallas DUI lawyer should be quite well-versed in the laws and procedures surrounding drunk driving and will go over your arrest to make sure the officers followed the proper steps during your arrest. If they did not do so, your case can often be thrown out!
Even if the police handled your arrest properly, your Dallas DUI attorney can still help you out. They can sometimes get the charges reduced in exchange for a guilty plea. They canCategory:Baseball venues in the Prairies and L...Image via Wikipedia also help you get provisional driving privileges if you are found guilty (so you can drive to and from work during the time your license is suspended).

Always contact a qualified Dallas DWI lawyer if you find yourself charged. In Texas drunk driving is considered a very serious offense and you need to make sure to protect your rights.

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