Friday, October 29, 2010

Plano DUI attorney – Myths and Facts about DUI

There are so many myths about a DUI violation; if you have any questions about the legal ramification of a Texas DUI violation, it’s best to contact your Plano DUI attorney. If you get stopped while you are driving and an office stamps a DUI violation, you can be assured that it is serious. However, there are numerous misconceptions about what could or could not happen.

If you’re under the impression that it’s just another violation or a minor offense, you better think again because the legal penalties for DUI entail fines, jail terms, vehicle impounds, loss of license, and even career damage. There are some laughable myths about the difference between drunk driving, DUI and DWI. You’ll have to understand that all three violations are the same and point out to the fact that you have been driving around in an automobile after drinking.

People have been known to say that you can get a temporary driving license even if your license was canceled because of the violation, but it has to be clearly understood that no state in the US allows this, and once your license has been canceled for a specific term, you’re not allowed to drive. There is a common myth that plea bargains get a lesser charge and there are jury trials for this charge, but you’ll have to realize that even though lesser charge has been awarded for a few cases in different states, you can’t really count on it. As for jury trials for DUI charges, they don’t exist.

You can’t evade the law and escape the charges even if you’re from a different state because the state which has charged you hands you over to your home state and you’ll be facing charges there. However, it is possible to defend a DWI accusation with the help of a competent Plano DUI attorney.

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