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Frisco Criminal Lawyer – Authorized possession of controlled substances

A Frisco criminal lawyer would be able to tell you the difference between authorized possession of controlled substances and unauthorized possession of controlled substances. Texas Controlled Substance Act lays down a list of chemicals that are deemed as controlled substances because the renewed use of these substances could cause addiction and physical dependency.
It’s important to understand that there are five schedules of controlled substances; the use of three of those schedules is completely banned, while the remaining two are restricted because they are being used as anesthetics and pain killers in mainstream medicine.
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The ground lines for the authorized possession of controlled substances are these:

• Only people for whom the use of a controlled substance has been prescribed may possess it, and only in the container in which it was delivered. Unless he shows proof of being the owner, he’s committing a crime.
• No person is allowed to obtain a controlled substance by fraud, deceit, or subterfuge. Use of a false name and address entails punishment.
• The controlled substance can be used only for medical purposes and can be procured lawfully with the help of a prescription.
• A person who falsely poses as a manufacturer, distributor, practitioner, or any other person who can get access to a controlled substance is punishable by law.
• Anybody who forges a prescription or makes one of his own accord is punishable by law.
• The container in which the controlled substance is delivered has to carry the original labels. Under no circumstances can the container be falsely labeled or forged.

These basic rules are important and they should be kept in mind before you try to acquire a controlled substance container. If ever you are charged with unlawful possession of controlled substances, get in touch with your Frisco criminal lawyer.

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