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McKinney Defense Attorney – What can you get a MIP ticket for?

Irrespective of the situation for which you receive a minor in possession ticket for, it is best to hire the services of your McKinney defense attorney to deal with the charge. Due to intense peer pressure, teenagers sometimes find it impossible to avoid drinking or smoking in high school and college. If you’re in a party that requires you to drink and the police break up the show and ticket you, you’ll have to understand what you got this ticket for.

It is common knowledge that the US sets 21 as the legal drinking age and people who decide to break the law with the thought that they don’t need to wait that long, find themselves in trouble. If you have contact with any kind of alcoholic beverage, the police will ticket you. Texas has a no tolerance policy to minor in possession violation, and it’s important to abide by the rules. Even if you are found throwing a beer or wine glass into the trashcan, you can still get ticketed for it. Your presence in an alcoholic party could warrant a ticket too because the rules are stringent.
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If you’re sitting a table and there’s a bottle of alcohol on top of the table, you’re liable to get a ticket. You might not be drinking any of them but you’ll get a ticket anyway, just because you were present in the scene with unattended cups of alcohol around you. The ticket basically has a date of hearing within the next 30 days before which you’ll have to decide if you want to contest the MIP or not. If you do decide to contest, you’ll have to understand what the MIP entails – the fine is usually around $500, and your license will be suspended till you turn 21. Several hours of community service follows, and the number of hours will be based on your past record. A McKinney defense attorney may be able to help you in reduction of sentence.
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