Friday, October 1, 2010

In Texas? In Dallas? Caught Drunk Driving?

As is the case in many cities and states nationwide, in Dallas, Texas drunk driving is taken very seriously. Texas police are always on the lookout for drunk drivers and will arrest anyone they believe to be doing so. If you find yourself charged due to a mistake in judgment, you need to take certain steps to ensure the best outcome.

First, contact a Dallas DWI attorney who specializes in this type of case (as soon as possible). A true Dallas DUI lawyer should be quite well-versed in the laws and procedures surrounding drunk driving and will go over your arrest to make sure the officers followed the proper steps during your arrest. If they did not do so, your case can often be thrown out!
Even if the police handled your arrest properly, your Dallas DUI attorney can still help you out. They can sometimes get the charges reduced in exchange for a guilty plea. They canCategory:Baseball venues in the Prairies and L...Image via Wikipedia also help you get provisional driving privileges if you are found guilty (so you can drive to and from work during the time your license is suspended).

Always contact a qualified Dallas DWI lawyer if you find yourself charged. In Texas drunk driving is considered a very serious offense and you need to make sure to protect your rights.

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