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Dallas DWI attorney– Blood alcohol level

The basic criteria for your arrest if you’re charged with DWI is your blood concentration level, and according to Texas DWI laws, if it is more than 0.08%, you had better contact your Dallas DWI attorney. Texas considers the number of deaths due to drunken driving each year and has been stringent in employing methods to curb them.

Blood alcohol level is the ratio of the amount of alcohol consumed per 10000 drops of blood. In simple terms, your blood alcohol level is 0.04 if there are 4 drops of alcohol to every 10000 drops of blood. It can also be considered as the relationship between amount of alcohol consumed and the rate at which it’s eliminated from the blood. It is dependent on a few factors like the weight of the body in terms of body mass index, gender of the person, the amount of alcohol consumed, and the length of time elapsed since consumption.

Technically, a normal male would have about 0.04 BAL after two beers on an empty stomach, when calculated after an hour. The way the human body works is that to eject one drink, it takes one hour. Men generally have the capacity to expel alcohol more efficiently than women owing to the lesser amount of fat and more amount of water in their bodies. If you have a higher body mass index, it takes longer for you to get rid of the alcohol content of your body.
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The more alcohol that is consumed by a person, the longer will be the time frame lapse before your blood alcohol level reaches zero. he time lapse since consumption and the BAL follow a linear pattern with different slopes for different body structures and genders; so it’s easy for the police officer to calculate how much you have consumed. If you know that you have consumed a lot of alcohol and get charged in Texas, immediately contact your Dallas DWI attorney.

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