Thursday, November 18, 2010

Defense can win the Game

There's an old saying in sports that says "Defense doesn't win games." However true this might be for baseball or football, it is not true when it comes to legal defense. If you're facing criminal charges and looking at the possibility of jail time, a good legal defense provided by an experienced Plano Criminal Attorney, could be your best chance to avoid losing your case.

The penalties you are facing could range from fines to probation or jail time. These are all things that you surely don't want to deal with. Every case is different, but every defendant deserves to have the best defense available. The courts have professionals working on their side. That means the pros are working hard to get a decision against you. Rather than lie down and take what they are willing to dish out or trying to fight them on your own, you need the help that only a professional Plano Criminal Attorney can give you.

Don't make the mistake of assuming that an arrest automatically means you are doomed to pay the penalties mentioned above. The police make mistakes and actually violate the rights of people on a routine basis. You may have been arrested and had your rights violated without even knowing it. Consulting with the attorneys at Peveto Law about your case could bring evidence to light that shows the arresting officer(s) violated your rights or failed to do their jobs correctly. That could mean that your case gets thrown out of court.

Make sure that you don't give up on winning before you case is brought before the judge. With the help of a great lawyer you could end up with a better outcome than you ever thought was possible.
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