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Frisco defense lawyer – Penalties for public intoxication

The US does not ban drinking, however if you’re ever charged with public intoxication, you will require your Frisco defense lawyer to defend yourself in court. A charge of Public intoxication in Dallas is stamped on you when you’re found to be a disturbance to the public and a threat to people’s safety or your own. Most people are charged with public intoxication, and they do not understand the consequences of being charged.

The legal penalties that follow are dependent on the age of the offender or whether or not this is the first time you’re being charged. The first thing that a police officer does when he finds you intoxicated in public is to bring you to jail and have you stay there till you sober enough. You’re likely to be stamped with a ticket or even imprisonment of thirty days if it’s the first time, while repeat offenders get up to a jail time of two years.
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It’s important to understand that the legal age for drinking alcohol in the US is 21, and if you are a minor and are charged with public intoxication, you’ll receive more condign punishment. It doesn’t matter if you were driving at the time of your charge; your license will be cancelled for a year. If you’re not old enough to get a license, your license process will be delayed by a year. The general terms of jail sentence and fines will also apply to offenders. Texas requires the offenders to take up alcohol awareness classes as part of the correctional program, and they will be required to complete a required duration of the course.

Whether or not you’re of the legal age to drink, you can simply not be found intoxicated in public; if you’re caught, the best way to reduce the sentence is get your Frisco defense lawyer to plead your case.

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