Wednesday, November 10, 2010

McKinney DUI attorney – How can you get away with a DUI charge?

A McKinney DUI attorney would be able to protect you and plead your case in a court of law if you are charged with DUI. Before anything, it’s important to understand what the charge entails. If you are drunk and handling a motor vehicle, you’re likely to stopped and have your breath analyzed. In case your blood level concentration is more than 0.08, you’re considered a threat to the road and you will be charged with Texas DUI.

You should understand that even if you plead guilty of drunken driving, you’re not going to get sympathy from the judge who will brand you with a fine, a jail sentence, have your vehicle impounded and your license revoked. Therefore, it’s advisable to get the services of a good legal counsel to represent you in the court. The case can work to your favor if the lawyer presents all the right arguments because by default, you’re presumed innocent unless proven otherwise.

The Texas DUI lawyers will make sure that every aspect of the charge is studied and analyzed. If you ever were to present the story yourself, in all likelihood, it will not be considered. The lawyers can present your case right, protect your rights, and present proof on your behalf. There are some major issues in every case which are analyzed again by the lawyer – the test, the arrest, and the charge.
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There are chances that the test equipment is not calibrated right or it’s faulty. A good amount of chance exists that the police arrested you in another jurisdiction or broke some laws to arrest you. In these cases, the charge against you will be dropped. A good lawyer can also help in minimizing the record of damage you have caused. The best person who can understand and play with technicalities of a case is a McKinney DUI attorney.
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