Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When to Hire a Plano Defense Lawyer

A DWI, which stands for “driving while intoxicated,” is a misdemeanor offense on the first charge in Texas. However, the potential consequences for Texas drunk driving are far more serious than most misdemeanors. A conviction could carry a jail term, fines, administrative fees, and, likely, a suspended license. A Plano Criminal Attorney will be necessary to make sure your proceedings are legal, and try to minimize the fines.

Under criminal law, a Texas drunk driving charge requires that police show you were operating a vehicle and, at the same time, your blood-alcohol measurement was at .08 or higher. Alternately, they can test you to see if you were otherwise physically and mentally impaired by illicit substances or alcohol. Officers first have to establish probable cause to stop you in traffic. They will then develop evidence that you were driving while intoxicated to make an arrest. They do that by watching your demeanor and putting you through various tests. During the legal process, your Plano Criminal attorney will make sure that these procedures were carried out

Photograph taken by myself near Yelta, Austral...Image via WikipediaFor example, if you were speeding through a 25 mph road at 55 mph, failing to stop at traffic signs, incoherently responded to the officer’s questions, and admitted to “having a few drinks,” then failed the field test, you will have established probable cause for a DWI arrest. You will be permitted to contact your Plano Defense lawyer if you are arrested.

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  1. I didn't much know about such facts. I still believe that task of Plano defense lawyer is not easy. You are right with saying that a Plano criminal Attorney is necessary to make sure your proceedings are legal.
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