Thursday, May 26, 2011

Types of Lawyers

If you are considering a hiring a lawyer, you may be asking yourself many questions. What does a lawyer do, how do they charge clients, among other things.  So what does lawyer do? Lawyers work in a variety of legal fields.  There are two basic types though, defense lawyer, and prosecution lawyers.  Within these two fields there are many variations and specialties. For example, a Dallas defense lawyer is much different than one in New York.  As far as specialties go, the list goes on forever. There are DUI lawyers, civil litigators, corporate lawyers, divorce lawyers, and so many more.  These specialties are usually localized as well, so a Dallas DWI lawyer is quite different than a New York DWI lawyer.

Another common question is, how do lawyers bill their clients? There are generally three different types of billing, set fee, hourly rate, or a contingency fee.  A set fee is used for simpler legal cases where the amount of work is mostly known in advance, such as a will or loan.  The majority of legal services are billed using an hourly rate, which is exactly how it sounds. A contingency fee, while less common, is arguably the best method of payment.  It is used only when filing a lawsuit, and the lawyer is only paid if they win their case.  This method is convenient because it means certain profit for the client.  Hopefully you are now able to hire a lawyer with a bit more confidence.  Whether it is a Dallas defense lawyer, or New York defense lawyer, or a Dallas DWI lawyer or New York DUI lawyer, knowing the basic of how a lawyer-client relationship works is essential.
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