Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good Dallas Criminal Attorney Negotiates

A Dallas criminal attorney was recently in the local paper explaining the importance of asking for a lawyer at the time your Miranda rights were given. You see, a criminal attorney is expected to respect and uphold the constitution.
Did you know that there are some countries that do not uphold their constitution and convict people without a trial at all? We should be grateful that our country so strictly enforces the law and protects people under the constitution and our right to have an attorney should never be taken for granted.
Attorney’s have specialized knowledge of the law and apply it to defend or prosecute the client and can suggest a plea deal where the defendant can plead guilty but not go to trial. The attorney will also suggest that if they are guilty, by pleading guilty he or she may have a lesser sentence. You see, your attorney is also your negotiator. All arguments brought up will be argued on your behalf by your attorney and they do their best to present a burden of proof, reasonable doubt or blatant innocence. Take your time and conduct your research to find the best Dallas criminal attorney for your case.


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