Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Don't Be a Statistic

In Texas marijuana laws are strict. Some states allow for the medicinal use of marijuana which takes away from some of the heavy drug laws surrounding it, but Texas still holds tough. So many people say that marijuana is not addictive and that cigarettes are worse. Not true! There are some secrets that a lot of people do not want you to know about marijuana.

One: it has its very own marketing group. Whether it’s a posh executive taking a lunch break around a polished table in their thousand dollar suit while they politely smile and give a presentation is not the point. If you look closely, a marketing campaign does exist. When you watch your talk show, sitcom or favorite singer, they extol its virtues on such a level that it feels just as legal as Tylenol.

If fact, it does have actual withdrawal symptoms. Research has been done with major universities that found regular marijuana users who stop did indeed experience withdrawal. In addition to the normal withdrawal symptoms, anxiety, irritability and stomach pains manifest during the course of abstinence from it.

When using marijuana, it actually increases your heart rate. While most appear relaxed and sometimes comatose, your heart rate increases by as much as 50%. In adults who have poor blood supply, it increases even more than those who smoke tobacco. Along with the increased heart rate, the “stoners” actually do get lower grades and have been polled to be less likely to finish with high school. Do not be a statistic and know about your Texas marijuana laws.

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