Friday, September 24, 2010

If You are in McKinney Texas and are a Minor in Possession

Being a minor in possession is defined as being under 21 and possessing or consuming alcohol. In McKinney Texas, the consequences can be serious and can be best be further explained by a McKinney criminal attorney. Possible penalties include jail time, loss of driver’s license and fines. This can even apply to just being in the vicinity of alcohol being served to and consumed by persons under the age of 21.

Mckinney, Texas water towerImage via WikipediaSo what are the consequences? First, you will be fined around $500 and possibly have your license suspended until you are 21. A judge may also order community service. If it is your first offense, the judge may elect only to fine you and give probation, without suspending your license. However, multiple offenses can result in jail time, larger fines and even a conviction for a class B misdemeanor-which will remain on your permanent record and something an experienced McKinney defense attorney will help you to avoid.

If you have been charged with an MIP offense, it is best to contact a McKinney criminal lawyer most experienced in these matters. You will have to appear in court and you will need a McKinney Defense lawyer to determine whether you have been properly charged. Often the police make mistakes in writing tickets for this offense and your legal mentor can review the circumstances of your arrest to ensure proper legal procedures were followed.

As you can see, a MIP charge is no laughing matter and can have serious personal consequences. Avoid being a minor in possession of alcohol so that you can avoid the hassles associated with being charged.
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