Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Intoxicated in Dallas? Don’t Go Out in Public

List of Dallas – Fort Worth area freewaysImage via WikipediaBefore you drink in Dallas, you should be aware of the penalties for public intoxication Dallas. Texas does not condone or ignore this behavior and it is important to be aware of the criteria for a conviction and also the consequences of being convicted of this offense. It could end up on your record and could affect your chances when applying for a job. However, if you do find yourself in such a situation, be certain to contact a reputable Dallas Criminal Attorney.

After You Sober up, Hire only the Best Dallas Defense Lawyer

Public intoxication is defined as acting disorderly in a public place due to the abuse of alcohol or another substance such that you are a nuisance or your behavior puts yourself or another person in danger. A competent Dallas defense attorney can further explain the definition. If you are drunk in public and police have to deal with you, you will probably be given a ticket and charged with a class C misdemeanor. In addition, you will most likely be arrested and put in jail for anywhere from four to twelve hours as police wait for your blood alcohol level to drop so you can safely get home. Finally, you may be fined five hundred dollars as well.

A public intoxication conviction is nothing you want on your record. Luckily, an experienced Dallas Criminal Lawyer may be able to get the charges dropped and the case dismissed, as often tests are not utilized by the police. If you don’t want to be arrested for public intoxication Dallas, it is best to keep your alcohol consumption under control-you may be penalized if you are caught.

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