Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Best Defense against DUI Charges

Going to court for a DUI arrest is no laughing matter. Of course, if you've recently been cited for a DUI, you already know that. Every state, Texas included, is cracking down against DUI offenders with some pretty harsh penalties. There is so much talk about these kinds of cases that people assume once they've been arrested that it is all over except the crying (and the stiff penalties, you may have to pay.) Don't let that way of thinking win, though. You have every right to getting the best defense against Texas DUI laws. Just because the courts try to make you think that you've lost before your case has started, doesn't make it a fact.

As you prepare to go to court for an infraction against Texas DUI laws, you need the guidance and assistance of an experienced DUI attorney. This is one battle that you do not want to fight on your own. You also don't want to go in and just assume that you will have to pay the maximum penalty, either. To know how to win a DUI case, you have to know what your options are. Only an experienced DUI attorney, like the lawyers at Peveto Law, can present you with all of your options and give you a strategy for successful legal defense.

Every arrest is different and sometimes the legal system makes mistakes. The arresting officer may not have read you your Miranda rights, or may have even violated your civil rights. These kinds of things happen every day, but it usually takes the expertise of a DUI lawyer to find these facts and present them to the court in such a way as to get charges dropped. Don't assume you are beat, find out how a DUI attorney can help you during your DUI hearing.
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