Thursday, December 30, 2010

How Can a McKinney Criminal Defense Attorney Help?

Here's the deal. Even a controlled substance charge where there was clearly no criminal intent can result in some pretty stiff penalties. For example, if you had prescription drugs on your person, or in your vehicle, but had no proof of a valid prescription, you could end up looking at jail time under the Texas controlled substance laws. That's right. Even someone who clearly shows no intentions of breaking the law, can end up in jail or paying fines.

Of course, there are many other types of situations that can lead to a drug charge, each with its own unique circumstances. However, one thing remains constant - the need for an experienced lawyer, like the professional attorneys at Peveto Law, when you are facing any type of charge, especially a controlled substance charge. Taking matters into your own hands, or settling for a public defender is not going to get your charges reduced or dropped. The lawyers at Peveto Law have a proven track record for helping their clients who have been charged with possession of a controlled substance. They can help you with your case too.
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