Friday, February 18, 2011

Before You Hire a Dallas DUI Lawyer

A DUI charge can be a traumatic event in a person’s life--unless handled by an experienced Dallas DUI Lawyer. DUI is a very serious charge and even though it is still a misdemeanor in most cases, the penalties can sometimes be more serious than if you were convicted of any number of felonies as a first time offender. However, with a good Dallas criminal lawyer, there is hope yet. Although no one can foresee the result of your case, an experience practitioner can best defend your rights as a person accused of this offense.

Before you choose your Dallas criminal lawyer, find out if the lawyer devotse most of his/her time to defending DUI cases. DUI laws frequently change and their defense requires an attorney with technical knowledge in this area of the law. Finding an attorney who practices exclusively or near exclusively in DUI cases is a good idea if you’ve been charged with this crime. Ask your prospective Dallas defense lawyer how much of his or her practice involves DUI representation. Ask the lawyer how many cases has he or she tried?

Finding the lowest bidder is not always the right solution. Costs should always be a concern but first, you should make sure that the lawyers you interview have the skills you need. There’s a lot at stake in your case, make sure you are confident that you have a knowledgeable Dallas defense lawyer. It’s always fine to compare fees between various DUI lawyers who specialize in DUI defense. Seal of the City of DallasImage via Wikipedia

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