Monday, April 11, 2011

Texas Defense Lawyer used for Texas Felony Arrests

The Texas DUI lawyer is highly experienced and ready to represent their clients with the best defense possible for a felony or misdemeanor charge. Texas felony arrests are charges that it is best for you to get the services of a Texas defense lawyer to help prevent you from serving time in jail or getting a heavy fine. Many times people do not realize that some of the simplest things can get extremely complicated in the courtroom.

When you are being charged with DUI, which can fall under Texas felony arrests which is an even more serious charge, and you feel that it is unwarranted do not take for granted that the charge will be dropped because you are innocent. Many people who are innocent have gone to jail. Those who have been involved in an incident need a good lawyer on their side to represent them in court. It is never easy to face a judge, but with a lawyer it becomes a lot easier and the stress is greatly removed.

One of the hardest charges that a person can face is a DUI charge. This can be devastating to many people because they risk the loss of their driver’s license and may even face jail time. When this happens to you it is devastating! That is why you need the services of a Texas DUI attorney to represent you in court. Your Texas DUI lawyer will be with you from the time of your arrest until you need to go to court. It is very stressful experience but your lawyer will make much of that stress go away. You could be saved from having to pay out huge fines and facing possible jail time.

The prosecuting attorney may decide to charge you with a misdemeanor A, especially if this is your second time to be charged with DUI. The Texas misdemeanor defense lawyer may be able to help you with by negotiating with the prosecuting attorney to get the charge dropped from misdemeanor A to a misdemeanor B or C charge. This is very important because a misdemeanor A could mean a huge fine along with a year in jail. A misdemeanor B could still result in a fine and a small amount of jail time while a misdemeanor C charge usually results in a very small fine with no jail time.

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